Four Deal Bridge

Four Deal Bridge

Here is another game in the bridge series called Four-Deal Bridge, It has had seen several different versions. The name itself suggests that four people are going to be playing for four rounds or deals in contrast to Rubber Bridge that has an indefinite time limit. In Four Deal, the vulnerability changes from person to person due to a fixed direction as:

  • Deal 1: The person dealing North; no side is vulnerable
  • Deal 2: The person dealing East; South and North are vulnerable
  • Deal 3: The person dealing South; West and East are vulnerable
  • Deal 4; The person dealing West; the sides are vulnerable

If everyone at the table rejects their hand, the deck of cards is shuffled once more and redealt by the same person who dealt them the first time.

Four Deal with Duplicate Scoring

Sometimes, as the name implies, Four Deal is played with duplicate scoring. One of the biggest things is the fact that there isn’t any accumulation through any games or scores person to person.

As in Duplicate, each team making a score gets 50 points of bonus, the sequence is a fixed version as well.

Russian Scoring Four Deal

Here is another one that gives you the classic bridge feel, only its conception was in Russia. This unique game gets rid of the luck format as well by bringing in an IMP scoring element. On these deals, there is a particular score everyone is trying to hit. Just as Duplicate, the game itself is played right in front of the people. By the end of the game, the points are counted up by the following format.

  • 4 points = each ace
  • 3 points = each king
  • 2 point = each Queen
  • 1 point = each Jack

Once all are tallied up, the target score is then subtracted from the IMP’s table.