Duplicate Bridge Cont.

While players are at duplicate play setting, where others are playing all around you, it’s imperative that you are standing around waiting. You cannot listen in on any of the surrounding tables or start glancing at the nearby tables because this is frowned upon. Attempting to operate in this manner would be considered cheating, simply because this type behaviour can lead to information being leaked that is normally kept private, such as dealing of cards or playing of the hands from other players in the room. Another frowned upon action is when two partners have been playing together and when they finish, the partners should discuss the boards played until the event is over as it might lead to information being leaked.

A lot of places today use machines to make bidding a lot quicker vs. doing it via word of mouth. This significantly lowers the chance of people hearing your bids in and around the table. The most optimal way is for each player to have his or her bidding box, this allows each person to see all the possible pass, redouble, double and bids. As each person takes his or her turn, they will reveal their card. Once revealed, the card shown would stay in view till the auction has ended. This also reduces the possibility of people hearing wrong or forgetting what the bid was.

The tournament director is the one who will make sure that any size tourney will operate smoothly. He is also the person who will deal with any cheating ensuring to use the laws as a reference point. How this works is that in the event of cheating, whether it’s an illegal bid, someone played out of turn or the card was board wrong, the call is made to have the director come over. A lot of times, it’s not necessarily a big deal because he or she is only there to maintain order within the rules. In a heated disagreement where a person doesn’t agree with the director’s decision, the person can appeal the decision.

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